‘Family-Values’ GOPer Offered His Vote In Exchange For Sexual Favors

Screengrab/ABC Action News/YouTube

Multiple women came forward with credible stories of unwanted touching or offers of support in return for sexual favors.

A Republican Florida state senator has resigned his position following sexual misconduct allegations that involved trading his support for sexual favors from a lobbyist.

Jack Latvala claimed he "never intentionally dishonored my family, my constituents or the Florida Senate" and said his political adversaries were using the nationwide #MeToo movement to remove him from office.

But according to the Tampa Bay Times, the accusations against him appear credible:

Latvala's resignation, effective at midnight Jan. 5, followed a revelation in retired Judge Ronald Swanson's 33-page report, reportedly documented by explicit text messages from the senator over the past three years, that he agreed to support a lobbyist's agenda if she would have sex with him or let him touch her in a sexual manner.

Multiple other women had lodged complaints against the senator:

Latvala's resignation also came on a day when the Senate released a second report from an independent investigator looking into anonymous claims of sexual harassment against Latvala by multiple women. The report by Tampa lawyer Gail Golman Holtzman included testimony from several unidentified women who said the lawmaker repeatedly shamed or groped them and attempted intimate physical contact in exchange for his attention to their legislative requests.