'Fair And Balanced'? Fox Allowing Jeanine Pirro To Fundraise For GOP

Fox News/YouTube

"[Fox News] has claimed that it prohibits hosts from stumping for political candidates" but that hasn't stopped Pirro.

The Fox News tagline 'Fair and Balanced' has long been derided as a misnomer, and by all appearances, the network continues to live up to this designation. Jeanine Pirro, host of Judge Jeanine, has done at least ten fundraisers this year for Republican Party organizations.

When a similar situation arose with Laura Ingraham earlier this year, the New York Times reported:

“Fox News hosts are not usually allowed to stump for candidates, but Ms. Ingraham was granted an exception because her show had not yet begun.”

But Pirro has been on air with Fox News since 2011, and she has made no secret of her fundraising propensities:

On her April 22 programshe said that she “gave a good speech" at a Republican fundraiser in Morgantown, WV, and received a scarf as a gift. The hosting group, the Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee, wrote on Facebook in response: “Judge Jeanine Pirro wearing, on national television, the scarf of ‘Presidents Signatures’ given to her by our Chair Gina Brown on behalf of the Committee as a thank you gift for her speaking at our Reagan Dinner! She mentioned us and our Committee while closing her show tonight!”

Neither Fox News nor Pirro responded to a request for comment regarding the network's fundraising policies.