Fact Checking Website Crashes During Trump State Of The Union

According to PolitiFact, the president made it through his SOTU address with zero 'Pants on Fire' statements.

Popular fact-checking website PolitiFact monitored President Donald Trump's State of the Union address in real time Tuesday night, and the public response was so intense the site crashed for a short time. While the website was down, PolitiFact's Twitter account kept up with checking on the president's statements.

The site crash prompted a flurry of tweets to Politifact, with some social media users suggesting the website had crashed because so many people were eager to find out whether statements made in the speech were true.

Ahead of the president’s speech, the website had checked more than 498 of Trump’s statements, and shared a tweet stating that on those occasions it had found four percent of the statements were true, 12 percent mostly true, 15 percent half true, 21 percent mostly false, 33 percent false, and 15 percent “pants on fire,” the website’s categorization of an outright lie.

And how truthful was Trump during his State of the Union address?

“Trump’s statements cycled through every Truth-O-Meter rating, except for Pants on Fire. We tallied two False, three Mostly False, one Half True, three Mostly True, and one True statements,” Politifact wrote in an article assessing the truth behind the address.