Facebook Removes Trump Campaign Ads With Symbol Once Used By Nazis

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The Trump campaign ad displayed a red inverted triangle, previously used by Nazis to designate political dissenters.

Facebook took down a Trump campaign ad that railed against antifa and leftist groups while prominently displaying a red inverted triangle, which was a symbol Nazis used to designate political dissenters who were imprisoned in concentration camps.

  • Axios noted that “Facebook has given politicians and campaigns wide latitude in what they say on its platform, but this appears to have been a step too far.”
  • The ad with the red triangle was shared by the accounts for Donald Trump, VP Mike Pence and the Trump Campaign and first appeared on Wednesday.
  • Facebook said in a statement: "We removed these posts and ads for violating our policy against organized hate. Our policy prohibits using a banned hate group's symbol to identify political prisoners without the context that condemns or discusses the symbol."
  • The report also notes that the “Trump campaign has been running ads attacking Antifa and other groups on the left for much of the month.”

Trump campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh told the Washington Post the symbol is used by antifa adherents. Others have disputed that claim, as antifa supporters tend to instead use a different symbol — two flags surrounded by a circle — that dates back to opponents of the Nazis in 1930s Germany.

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