Expert: Russia State Media Is Publicly Supporting Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

The White House/Twitter

The Kremlin-controlled Russian media supports Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation, and its defense echoes President Trump.

Russian state media has weighed in on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and according to an expert on Russian propaganda, the Kremlin-controlled narrative surrounding Kavanaugh’s confirmation sounds a lot like President Donald Trump.

Julia Davis, an expert on Russian propaganda with the Atlantic Council's Disinformation Portal and the creator of the Russian Media Monitor, wrote in The Daily Beast Friday that “both in its domestic publications, as well as those aimed at the English-speaking audiences”, Russian state media is supporting Trump’s nominee.

And in that support, Russian TV personalities and commentators often echo Trump’s sentiments:

> When Trump complains: “It’s a very scary time for young men in America,” but “women are doing great.” A Kremlin propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov commiserates on TV: “Guess what stands in Kavanaugh’s way? Certainly, the disease of malignant feminism… used to destroy promising careers and eliminate political opponents.”


> The message that women’s rights are nothing more than the ploy of wicked feminists resonates with the Russian government. Vitaly Milonov, an ultra-conservative lawmaker from Putin’s United Russia party, openly argues on Russian state television that feminists aren’t even people, but mere “monkeys” and “witches.” He calls for feminists to be subjected to forced psychiatric treatment or imprisonment. “Lock her up” has a greatly expanded meaning in Russia.


> Kavanaugh says: “The Swetnick thing is a joke, that's a farce.” Kiselyov echoes: “The case against Brett Kavanaugh sounds like a joke.”

Davis said this is part of a more broad effort to “differentiate between Trump and the American government”:

> Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently exclaimed that the relations between the United States and Russia are “the worst in history.” At the same time, Lavrov emphasized that the relationship between the President of the United States Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin is “very constructive” and “positive.” Pro-Kremlin experts and political strategists on Russian state TV explain that their support of Trump is based on the convergence of interests.


> Karen Shakhnazarov, a prominent film director and an influencer who makes regular appearances on Russian state TV, has explained that by destroying the European Union, imposing tariffs upon China and hastening “the destruction of the American empire” Trump is “lightening Russia’s load” and giving it “breathing space.”



> Russian Political Scientist Sergey Mikheev added that Trump does not care about values, concerning himself “only with money and interests.”

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