Bruce Siegel, president of America’s Essential Hospitals, gave a blunt assessment of the Republican health care bill to the Washington Post:

There has never been a rollback of basic services to Americans like this ever in U.S. history.” He continued, “Let’s not mince words. This bill will close hospitals. It will hammer rural hospitals, it will close nursing homes. It will lead to disabled children not getting services. . . . People will die.”

The Republican health care bill is a mass infliction of suffering on American society. People will be made to suffer, possibly die, in order for the wealthy to receive a tax cut. This is the sine qua non of the bill.

Prior to the Affordable Care Act, it was estimated that 45,000 people died a year due to inability to lack of health coverage. The Republicans are looking to return this era.

The Republican bill is not a health care bill, it is a tax cut for the wealthy and a death sentence for many. This isn’t theatrics. People will die when they no longer have access to health care.

As the esteemed Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) said, “Never have I seen legislative action that reveals such clear disdain for the human dignity of the most vulnerable among us.”