Ex-Trump Supporter: My Vote For Trump Helped Kill Over 180,000 People

Screengrab / Raw Story / YouTube


“I think it’s one of — if not the biggest — mistake I’ve ever made in my life."

One former Trump voter who spoke with CNN this week said she not only regrets casting her ballot for the president in 2016 but feels as though she “helped” kill more than 180,000 Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a clip provided by RawStory, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota hosts a panel of Trump voters, three of whom have since changed their minds about the president and intend to vote for Joe Biden in November. The other three have not lost faith in the current leader.

  • Ann Kupitz was one voter who is switching to Biden. She told Camerota that she had voted for Donald Trump in 2016 because he was not a “normal politician” and admitted she had not “paid too much attention until the pandemic started.”
  • Kupitz explained: “The pandemic is when my eyes began to open. And June 1, when he sent U.S. troops on peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square, that was my cross the line moment.”
  • Asked how she now feels about voting for Trump in 2016, Kupitz said: “I think it’s one of — if not the biggest — mistake I’ve ever made in my life. I feel like voting for him helped kill over 100,000 Americans.”
  • Another member of the panel, Jessica Freeman, agreed that Trump’s response to the pandemic has been “abysmal.”
  • “He’s gone and abandoned the American people,” she said. “My defining moment is when he said he takes no responsibility. The buck stops with you. You took the job, do the job.”
  • Later, after another member questioned the official death toll and said she believed it is actually only a “fraction” of what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has claimed, Kupitz added: “He is the only leader that hasn’t followed the science, the data and the expert’s advice. We have 4% of the world’s population. We should have under 50,000 deaths. We have over 180,000 deaths. That’s not doing a good job.”



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