Ex-Trump Official Who Mocked John McCain’s Brain Cancer To Help With Re-Election

Screengrab / CBS / Youtube


Kelly Sadler, who mocked John McCain because he was dying of brain cancer, has been hired by a pro-Trump superpac.

In a story from HuffPost, a superpac seeking to aid Donald Trump’s re-election campaign called “America First Action” has chosen Kelly Sadler as its new communications director.

Sadler formerly served as a White House aide and was fired following her remark that the late Sen. John McCain was “dying anyway” in response to his opposition to Trump nominee Gina Haspel’s confirmation as CIA director.

Following her comment, the White House announced in June that Sadler was “no longer employed within the Executive Office of the President.” Meghan McCain, the late Senator’s daughter, stated that following the remark’s leak, Sadler had called to apologize, but she had never followed up with a public apology.

In discussing Sadler’s hiring, the president of America First Action said “We are very proud to have Kelly Sadler join our team as we build towards victory in 2020. Her commitment to President Trump is unwavering and we are lucky to have someone of her talent and experience at America First,”

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