Ex-Trump Business Partner Accused Of Laundering Money Thru Trump Properties

Donald Trump with former business partner Felix Sater (right).Screengrab/Washington Post/YouTube

Felix Sater allegedly used Trump properties to launder money he stole from BTA Bank and the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Another associate of President Donald Trump has been added to the long list of individuals within Trump’s circle who are alleged to have embraced shady business practices or law breaking, according to ThinkProgress.

Trump’s former business partner, Felix Sater, is accused of “trying to launder billions of dollars of stolen money through Trump Tower Moscow” and also “allegedly laundered millions through down-payments on condo purchases at the Trump SoHo property,” the news outlet reported.

The details were revealed in a lawsuit brought against Sater by BTA Bank and the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, on Monday in a Manhattan federal court.

The lawsuit alleges that Sater and a Kazakh businessman, Ilyas Khrapunov, conspired to use $4 billion they allegedly stole from the bank and city years prior to finance the Trump Tower Moscow project, ThinkProgress said.

But the project was abandoned in late 2016 as Trump was winding down his presidential campaign, and the tower was never built. According to the lawsuit, Sater found other means for laundering the money.

The pair turned to Trump SoHo in New York to launder $3 million, the lawsuit claims. At some point, Sater “turned on his criminal confederates,” taking $40 million for himself and business associate Daniel Ridloff, court documents say.

Whether Trump was aware of the scheme to use stolen money as a downpayment on the condos is unclear, but ThinkProgress said “Sater arranged for Trump and Khrapunov to meet in Trump Tower to discuss using the money to fund the Moscow project, according to the lawsuit.”

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