Ex-Trump Aides Are Lobbying On Behalf Of A Russia-Backed Extremist Party

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.Screengrab/OxfordUnion/YouTube

Former Trump campaign aides Jason Osborne and Michael Rubino have set up shop in Corey Lewandowski's D.C. townhouse.

Two former Trump campaign aides have set up a foreign lobbying firm in the Washington D.C. townhouse of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, according to ABC News.

Jason Osborne and Michael Rubino, who both worked under Lewandowski on the Trump campaign, will be representing the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), a Serbian nationalist party in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has been pushing a separatist movement in the country with support from Russia.

The arrangement with the new firm, called Twin Rocks Global LLC, detailed in Foreign Agent Registration records filed with the Department of Justice two weeks ago, is the latest episode to raise questions about Lewandowski and Washington, D.C.’s infamous “revolving door” -- where past ties to the president can be parlayed into lucrative work in the city’s robust influence sector.

ABC notes that Osborne and Rubino followed Lewandowski from the Trump campaign to Avenue Strategies — a firm Lewandowski founded with another Trump campaign veteran, where Osborne and Rubino were registered lobbyists.

Lewandowski quit the group last May amid increased scrutiny of the firm and its clients and told the Washington Post that he wants to make clear going forward that he won’t work for foreign clients or lobby.

Osborne and Rubino eventually created their own lobbying firm — Turnberry Solutions — which is also headquartered at Lewandowski’s D.C. townhouse.

Lewandowski reportedly stays upstairs while he is in town, and the lower floors function as office space for himself and Turnberry Solutions.

Now Osborne and Rubino’s newest company, Twin Rocks Global LLC, uses the same address.

Neither Osborne nor Rubino responded to ABC News’ request for comment. Lewandowski has denied having any ties to Turnberry, despite the confluence of connections, and he did not respond to multiple requests for comment about Twin Rocks Global.

But the three men appear to share more than a workspace. Osborne and Rubino were spotted with Lewandowski during his controversial visit to Serbia in April 2018, when Lewandowski spoke at an event hosted by Serbian political nonprofit East West Bridge and met with Serbian politicians and business leaders to discuss the topic of "America Today,” raising fresh questions on whether Lewandowski is involved in foreign influence peddling despite his previous denies that he does lobbying work for foreign governments.

Just a few weeks later, Bosnian media outlets reported that Osborne and Rubino met with SNSD Vice President Zeljka Cvijanovic to discuss American politics and President Donald Trump's support for the party.

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