Ex-Trump Adviser Mike Flynn Appears To Embrace QAnon Conspiracy In July 4 Video

Screengrab / @GenFlynn / Twitter


“Where we go one, we go all,” said Flynn and five others, referencing the QAnon theory.

According to the Independent, President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn “appeared to signal his support for the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory on the July 4 holiday by posting a video to his Twitter reciting an oath of duty that ends with a QAnon slogan.”

  • The “retired three-star US Army lieutenant general and five other people” say in the video, “Where we go one, we go all,” which is a phrase that has been adopted by followers of the shadowy “Q” figure who leads the growing community of conspiracy theorists, the Independent wrote.
  • The report said that the “conspiracy theory, which arose in October 2017, maintains, without evidence, that a corrupt ‘deep state’ of paedophiles, cannibals, and otherwise malign individuals within the US government (and all over the world) control everything that happens in it — and that Donald Trump is in a shadow war to put an end to the evildoers’ reign.”
  • The theory originated on the far-right message board 4chan after a person with the username “Q Clearance Patriot” began posting threads about these plots.
  • Q, as the user came to be known as, “claimed to have ‘Q’ level security clearance with the United States Department of Energy that gave them Top Secret-level information about nuclear weapons and resources,” the Independent reported.
  • Flynn, who was indicted in 2017 for lying to the FBI in January of that year about his communications with then-Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak, has “embraced his martyr status among QAnon believers,” and he has added the QAnon hashtag #TakeTheOath to his Twitter bio.
  • QAnon believers say Flynn was the victim of deep state conspirators. “The president, several GOP lawmakers, and even the Justice Department led by Attorney General William Barr have since indicated they hold the same notion,” the report said.

The DOJ recently dropped its case against Flynn, “even though the former Trump national security adviser pleaded guilty to the charges on more than one occasion.”

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