Ex-Spy: Trump’s Claim He Wasn’t Briefed On Russia Bounties Is ‘Horses---’

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour / Public Domain

Megan Everts

Trump is under fire for his claim that he was not briefed on intelligence regarding Russian bounties on U.S. troops.

The White House is under fire for its claim that President Donald Trump was not briefed on “US intelligence showing Russia offered and secretly paid Taliban-linked militants bounties to kill US troops,” reported Business Insider.

  • For example, “Steve Hall, the former chief of Russia operations at the CIA, told Insider the White House's claim is ‘horses---’ because threat intelligence is treated very differently than other types of sensitive intelligence.”

“Ever since 9/11, any time you get any type of counterterrorism or threat reporting that speaks to whether Americans are going to get killed, that sort of information travels extremely quickly and doesn't have to be vetted," Hall said. "And that's all right, because the outcome could be horrific. You could have Americans killed.”

  • Hall argued that “it would be intelligence malpractice for anybody in the IC to look at something like this that could result in Americans dying” and not brief the president about it.
  • Rodney Faraon, a former CIA analyst, echoes these claims, as he said that “the fact there is dissent within the intelligence community about the veracity of reporting means that the subject matter was important enough to be raised to the level of discussion between different agencies.”
  • Additionally, “David Priess, a former CIA officer who briefed Clinton and George W. Bush on intelligence, expressed skepticism about Trump's claims that he and other top officials were not briefed, writing on Twitter that if the intelligence was not considered serious enough to merit Trump's attention, then ‘shame on the system.’”

Hall argued that “if you run through all the possible explanations for this, there is no reasonable scenario in which this isn't horrific.”

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