Ex-RNC Head: Trump Had To Know Of Russian Bounties Earlier Than He’s Letting On

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour / Public Domain

Artivia Tahir

Former RNC head believes that President Trump was aware of the bounty put on US troops

Former head of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele said he does not doubt that President Trump was aware of the bounty put on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan by Russia, according to Raw Story.

  • In a segment on “Morning Joe,” Steele shared his belief that the President was fully aware of the bounty, despite his claims that he was not:

“I will take up that challenge and say they did brief him. I do not believe that something as important and severe as this was left untold to the president of the United States.”

  • He added:

“What I think is disturbing is his reaction to it once he was told — the fact that there has been nothing done. There has been no rebuke officially from the United States and the fact that the White House, even over the course of the president’s tweets still has not denied the underlying intelligence that this is, in fact, what happened and this is, in fact, what we do know and the reality is.”

  • Steele concluded that the situation “isn’t about politics,” saying: “This is about what you do as a leader of men and women in uniform who now find out that you are okay with a bounty on their head by your — by our adversary. So this is what he’s going to have to account for — he can’t spin this out. There may be some Republicans who will run to his defense, that will be curious to watch.”

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This entire issue is beyond stupid. trump will end the controversy soon by quoting how Putin strongly and powerfully denied thd bounties ever existed. All you librul snowflakes are going to have to decide who your going to believe, the great and powerful Putin or our traitorous intelligence services

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