Ex-Pentagon Spokesman Blasts Trump For Saying He’s Been “Great” For The Military

Former Pentagon spokesman David Lapan has criticized Trump in the past for using the military as "political pawns."

Raw Story reports that David Lapan, who has served as the spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security under president Trump, rebutted the President’s claim that he was doing a “great job” for the American military.

Trump claimed via Twitter that he has “done a great job for...the Military, Vets, Economy, and so much more.”

Lapan left the Trump administration in late 2017. He responded to the tweet saying, “It’s time to retire the line about the military after your shutdown forced Coast Guardsmen and women to work without pay for 35 days, And now you’re taking billions of [dollars] away from the military for a border wall (that Congress is already funding).”

Lapan, a retired marine, has publicly criticized Trump before. Last November he accused Trump of using military service members as “political pawns” after Trump ordered them to go to the border to deal with migrants seeking entry into the U.S. from Central and South America.