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Olivia Troye, a former adviser to Vice President Mike Pence, said on Monday that she was instructed to spy on Dr. Deborah Birx, the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force coordinator, according to The Independent.

In response to Ms Birx speaking out publically [sic] this week, Ms Troye said she saw first hand the "very challenging situations" the administration placed on its health expert.

"I'm the person that actually was brought into a room at some point when she first started, and she was coming into a no-win situation even more so than, I think, she even realized," Ms Troye said in an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Monday.

"I was told that I was to watch her, that she was not to be trusted, because she was a Matt Pottinger hire."

The Independent noted that “Pottinger was Donald Trump's deputy national security adviser who resigned following the riot at the US Capitol.”

"So here, I am as Homeland adviser, saying, what? You're asking me to spy on this woman that I'm sharing an office with, who is on our team, when we know that this pandemic is about to be out of control? We know that people are going to get hurt, and this is where the focus is? These are the dynamics that she was facing," she said.

Troye exited the White House in August, according to the report, and went to work for the nonprofit National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Mr Pence’s then-national security adviser, Keith Kellogg, told The Washingotn Post [sic] in a statement at the time that she was disgruntled her detail was cut short because she was “no longer capable of keeping up with her day-to-day duties”, and showed a lack of moral courage by not expressing any concerns about the coronavirus response when she had the opportunity.

Ms Birx was also heavily criticized for not publicly speaking out against, or pushing back harder on Mr Trump, during her time on the coronavirus taskforce. She broke her relative silence in an interview on CBS' Face the Nation on Sunday, claiming an unknown person was creating a different set of data being presented to the ex-president.

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