Ex-NYPD Head: It Is The Black Community That Needs Reform

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Megan Everts

Former NYPD Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, argued that the Black community needs to be reformed, not the police.

Former NYPD Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, recently argued on Fox Business’ Morning With Maria Bartiromo that the Black community needs to be reformed, rather than the police, reported Media Matters.

Kerik has a contentious history as a big supporter of former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and President Donald Trump.

  • The New York Times notes that Kerik’s “rise to prominence” began “as Mr. Giuliani’s bodyguard and chauffeur during the 1993 mayoral race.”
  • However, in 2010, “Mr. Kerik pleaded guilty to two counts of tax fraud, one count of making a false statement on a loan application and five counts of making false statements to the federal government while being vetted for senior posts.”
  • He was sentenced to four years in prison but was later given an executive grant of clemency by Trump.

During this interview, guest host Dagen McDowell prompted Kerik’s comment by asking Kerik about if there was something that could be done to fix issues regarding police officers.

  • McDowell said that a 2016 investigation in Minneapolis noted that “citizens were frequently turned away from police precincts or otherwise discouraged when trying to file complaints against officers.”
  • Kerik responded denying that there was any systemic issue with the police department and instead tried to point the issue elsewhere: “Everything is about reforming the police. How about reforming the community? How about teaching young Black men and women, in these communities of color, things like don't run from the police when you get stopped.”
  • He continued: “Keep your hands on the steering wheel when you get stopped in a car stop. Don't make furtive moments, don't put your hands in your pockets, don't poke the police in the eye when he stops you, don't assault the police, don't resist.”

McDowell pushed back on Kerik, asking if he “really [thought] that young black men and women [did not] already know how to engage with the police,” to which Kerik again responded negatively.

Instead, Kerik argued that “we've gotten away from parenting… respect… [and] law and order.”

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Who would know more about crime than a felon😂?

Ask Mr Floyd why it would be wise not to peacefully submit as video shows he did.

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