Ex-NSA John Bolton: Russia Stole Its Hypersonic Missile Technology From The U.S.

The Voice of America on Twitter
The Voice of America on Twitter

“Bolton on Russia's nuclear capability. @VOA Contributor @Greta Van Susteren interviews National Security Adviser John Bolton in which they discussed Russia's technological advances to develop their nuclear weapons. https://t.co/Dm9fLE6uaN”


John Bolton said earlier this year that Russia has used stolen U.S. technology to beef up its nuclear arsenal.

President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, John Bolton, said in August that Russia has spent significant amounts of money modernizing its nuclear arsenal, including building new hypersonic delivery vehicles, largely developed with technology stolen from the United States.


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Except it is the team at Hishot at the University of Queensland in Australia that have come up with some of the greatest advances in hypersonics...

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