Ex-GOP Strategist: We Must Defeat Trump Or US ‘Will Be In Irreversible Decline’

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour / Public Domain


Steve Schmidt said if President Trump is not defeated, "The America that was will be no more.”

Speaking with MSNBC’s Brian Williams on Thursday about Americans becoming “pariahs” to the rest of the world due to the U.S. spike in coronavirus cases, former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt said the U.S. has become a laughingstock under President Trump and "will be in a reversible decline" if he is not defeated in November.

  • Countries seeking to keep Americans from entering are “governed by responsible leaders,” Schmidt said, noting that signs have emerged on sidewalks in Europe saying “Americans must be accompanied by an adult.”
  • Both the U.S. and the president are “a national laughingstock,” Schmidt said.
  • He added that “111 days from now, the American people are the last line of defense for the country.”

“This is what national decline looks like. This is what a spin to the ground looks like. We are out of control as a country. There was a real lack of imagination on the part of the American people four years ago about the capacity for someone like Donald Trump to cause real tragedy. We should all be woken up now.”

  • Schmidt offered in conclusion that “this man must be defeated if there’s to be any chance to come out of this. Otherwise, the country will be in an irreversible decline. The America that was will be no more.”



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