Ex-GOP Spox: Republicans Are On The Verge Of Becoming ‘Permanent Minority Party’

Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen / Public Domain


Kurt Bardella said that Trump's GOP is a "sinking ship" and lawmakers would do well to abandon the president.

Kurt Bardella, a former spokesperson for the Republican-majority House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on Monday that the GOP is a “sinking ship” as lawmakers maintain loyalty to President Donald Trump.

  • According to RawStory, Bardella’s comments came in response to a question about how November will play out for Trump and Republicans.

  • Bardella said after seeing “Republicans publicly starting to — some of them come out and change their public posture on Donald Trump,” he wonders how many more will eventually follow suit.

  • The former spokesman wondered if “this the beginning of something much bigger or is this just going to be an aberration?”

  • Bardella added: “Donald Trump — this is a sinking ship, it’s time to get off of this because if they don’t, I think that you’re going to see the Republican Party wipe themselves out into becoming a permanent minority party, much like what happened to the Republican Party in California out there.”



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