Ex-GOP Candidate: Being Born In The U.S. Is ‘Reparations Enough’ For Slavery

Screengrab / Newsmax / Youtube

He argued that the right to live in America is repayment enough for slavery and segregation.

In his radio segment yesterday, ultra-conservative pastor and former GOP nominee for Virginia Lt. Governor E.W. Jackson claimed that black Americans "have already gotten reparations" simply by being allowed to live in the United States and that no discussion about reparations is needed, Right Wing Watch reports.

The idea of compensating black Americans to atone for America's history of slavery and racial segregation has been a buzzing topic among Democratic presidential candidates. Jackson, however, thinks that any discussion on the topic is "a bunch of nonsense" because the descendents of slaves are lucky to be in the country to begin with.

“Americans of African descent, whose ancestors were here during slavery,” Jackson said, “have already gotten reparations. And the reparations are not welfare payments, the reparations are not affirmative action, the reparations are not any other kind of wealth redistribution scheme…Here’s the reparations that we Americans of African descent have gotten: the right to be here.”

“Being an American, that’s your reparations,” the pastor added, arguing that black Americans are privileged to be in the U.S. instead of in countries in Africa.

“Do you know what life is like for most people in most countries in Africa?” he asked. “That’s why I say the reparations is the right to be here.”

He continued, “We have our reparations. Our reparations are you’re an American now…For those ancestors who died in the Lord, as they look down, as they get the reports of what’s going on down here, that’s the kind of thing that must fill them with joy, that they paid an awesome price to be able to have their posterity born into citizenship in the greatest nation in human history.”

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