Ex-Federal Prosecutor: If I Was Barr, I Would Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

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Former federal prosecutor Gene Rossi suggested Attorney General William Barr might want to retain a criminal attorney.

Following allegations made by Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas during a Wednesday interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, former federal prosecutor Gene Rossi suggested that Attorney General William Barr should hire an attorney straight away, according to RawStory.

Parnas tied Barr to the Ukraine scandal during the interview, saying that the attorney general “was basically on the team” in the effort to secure political investigations into President Trump’s potential rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

On Twitter, Rossi suggested that Barr could face legal consequences and should find himself some good counsel: “Based on the allegation of Lev Parnas, our esteemed Attorney General should probably retain a criminal defense attorney. What a conspiracy to bribe mess. Is our country’s AG the second coming of disgraced former AG John Mitchell? Crazy times.”

Rossi was referencing the late John N. Mitchell, who served as attorney general under President Richard Nixon. The year after Nixon resigned, Mitchell was convicted of obstruction of justice, conspiracy and perjury for his role in the Watergate scandal and served 19 months in prison, RawStory noted.

In response to Parnas’ claims, Justice Department spokesperson Kerri Kupec said in a statement: “The president has not spoken with the attorney general about having Ukraine investigate anything relating to former Vice President Biden or his son. The president has not asked the attorney general to contact Ukraine on this or any other matter.”

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