Ex-DCI: Trump Doesn’t Deserve The Respect And Admiration Of The American People

Former CIA director John Brennan doesn't believe President Trump deserves the respect of the American people.

Former CIA director John Brennan worked under six U.S. presidents, and he believes each of them deserved the respect of the American people – but not so for President Donald Trump.

In a recent MSNBC interview, Brennan said what the president – whom he refers to simply as Mr. Trump – is doing “is really unconscionable, continuing to advocate for his own personal interests — and doing things that I think are contrary to many years of the United States’ global role, as well as his continued misleading, telling lies to the American public.”

Trump caters to the world’s authoritarians, Brennan said, while seemingly throwing America’s longstanding relationships with allies under the bus:

“Unfortunately I think Mr. Trump is either not smart enough to realize that Mr. Putin is playing him or he doesn’t care,” Brennan continued. “It’s quite unfortunate. because, again, the NATO summit is coming up. It’s almost 70 years of this alliance, a partnership built on liberty, democracy, and rule of law.”

He said that it doesn’t seem like Trump takes such values and relationships with NATO allies seriously.

“So, catering to the authoritarian leaders of the world which is what he’s doing in terms of Putin, Kim Jong-un and others, it’s dispiriting to others who believe the United States is showing this leadership,” Brennan noted.

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