Ex-DCI To Trump: “Your Incompetence Is Seriously Damaging Our Nation”

Former CIA chief John Brennan said the president's "fear of exposure is palpable" and his "desperation even more so".

Former CIA director John Brennan launched new criticism at President Donald Trump via Twitter Saturday, taking aim at the president’s derision of the Russian investigation.

Via The Hill:

Brennan, a frequent and harsh critic of the president, responded on Twitter to Trump’s previous tweet highlighting a poll that shows declining support for the special counsel investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

“Your fear of exposure is palpable,” Brennan wrote. “Your desperation even more so. When will those of conscience among your Cabinet, inner circle, and Republican leadership realize that your unprincipled and unethical behavior as well as your incompetence are seriously damaging our Nation.”

Apparently inspired by Fox & Friends, which he tagged in the tweet, Trump claimed again that the investigation is a “Witch Hunt”, despite the fact it has resulted in numerous indictments.

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