Ex-DCI: Kim Jong Un Has Duped Donald Trump ‘Masterfully’

Former CIA Director John Brennan believes Kim Jong-un has masterfully "manipulated" and "duped" President Trump.

Former CIA Director John Brennan said Thursday that he believes North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “has been masterful in how he has manipulated perceptions & how he has manipulated and quite frankly duped [President Donald] Trump".

Appearing on MSNBC, Brennan said Kim’s escalation over the past year – which included six nuclear tests – was likely intended to set up the de-escalation happening now, allowing North Korea to pause its nuclear program and negotiate an easing of economic sanctions.

And Brennan believes Trump has bought the charade:

“We’ve gone from Mr. Trump calling him ‘rocket man’ and ‘sick puppy’ to ‘honorable’ and ‘nice.'”