Ex-CIA Director Expects Multiple Indictments Of “Familiar Names” In Next 60-Days


Former CIA Director James Brennan told MSNBC he expects to see multiple indictments in the next couple of months.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, John Brennan predicted that numerous names “that will be quite familiar to the average American” will be indicted from the Mueller probe n the next 60 days. The Former CIA Director made his appearance Friday morning following the arrest of Trump advisor Roger Stone in Fort Lauderdale, according to the Hill.

Brennan stated that it is likely for the indictments to go to the top of the Trump campaign and could include members of the Trump family.

“I think the shoes that are yet to drop are going to be the ones that are going to be the most profound and that will hit the people at the top of the organization. Clearly they have been talked to, they have been interviewed by the FBI. There is a fair amount of vulnerability that they might have on this.”

Last year, President Trump also revoked the security clearance of the Brennan in response to his criticism of the administration online and on television.