Ex-Bush Speech Writer: The U.S. Will Not Survive A Second Trump Term

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour / Public Domain


"America survived one Trump term. It wouldn’t survive a second," David Frum writes in The Atlantic.

Former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum warned recently in The Atlantic that “America survived one Trump term,” but “It wouldn’t survive a second.”

  • Frum wrote that the most important question to be answered in November “is not Joe Biden versus Donald Trump, or Democrat versus Republican”; rather, he said, it is this: “Will Trump get away with his corruption—will his crooked and authoritarian tactics succeed?”
  • He noted that as Trump entered the White House, he had argued a Trump presidency could “put the United States on the road to autocracy,” writing at the time that “exactly how much damage is allowed to be done is an open question.”
  • Now, Frum said, that damage can be measured.

As we near the 2020 vote, the Trump administration is attempting to cripple the Postal Service to alter the election’s outcome.

The president has successfully refused to comply with subpoenas from congressional committees chaired by members of the opposing party.

He has ignored ethics guidelines, junked rules on security clearances, and shut down two counterintelligence investigations of his Russian business links, one by the FBI, the other by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

He has assigned prison police and park police to new missions as street enforcers, bypassing the National Guard and the FBI.

As in 2016, he is once again welcoming Russian help for his election campaign—only this time, he controls the agencies that are refusing to answer the questions of Congress and the American people.

  • Perhaps most consequential, Frum wrote, is the change in the Republican Party’s attitude toward democracy in the Trump era.

Republicans in the Trump years have gotten used to competing under rules biased in their favor. They have come to fear that unless the rules favor them, they will lose. And so they have learned to think of biased rules as necessary, proper, and just—and to view any effort to correct those rules as a direct attack on their survival.

  • Frum went on to detail Trump’s abuse of the presidential pardon power to spare his political allies from jail time, and his abuse of government resources for personal gain. Trump has even gotten away with inciting political violence, Frum wrote, and all of this with little to no pushback from Congress or the Supreme Court.
  • “The man the Founders dreaded entered the high office they created—and proceeded to abuse that office in just the ways they feared,” Frum warned. “Now that man is seeking a second term, which would be even more abusive and dangerous.”

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