Ex-Bush DHS Secretary: ‘Absolutely No’ Evidence Mail-In Voting Leads To Fraud

Screengrab / MSNBC / YouTube

Sarah Shaiman

He refuted the Trump talking point that widespread mail-in voting would lead to fraud and a lack of election integrity.

Earlier this week, former Pennsylvania governor and former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge (R) said that there is no evidence to suggest mail-in voting leads to fraudulent election results, according to the Hill.

  • He said, “There is no no anecdotal or historical evidence that suggests the kind of massive fraud or massive abuse. I think there is a false alarm associated with that concern.”
  • These comments come in light of President Trump and a number of other Republicans doubling down on arguments against mail-in voting during the pandemic. 
  • Ridge noted that neither party gains an inherent advantage when citizens vote via absentee ballot. However, the party that focuses their efforts in bringing voters in via the mail has a significant advantage. 
  • Ridge added, “I would remind the president that about 25 percent of the Americans who voted in 2016, the election in which he prevailed, voted absentee.”

Read more and listen to the Hill.TV clip  here.


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