Ex-Alabama Officer: It Was Known That Roy Moore 'Liked Young Girls'

(Image Credit: Youtube/ The Young Turks)

Faye Gary, a retired police officer, claims that it was 'a known fact' that Roy Moore liked 'young girls'.

Faye Gary, a retired Gadsden, Alabama police officer, claims that it was 'a known fact' that Roy Moore liked 'young girls' and people at the time often joked about it.

“It was a known fact: Roy Moore liked young girls,” said Faye Gary, a retired Gadsden police officer. “It was treated like a joke. That’s just the way it was.” One of the women, Leigh Corfman, said she was 14 years old when Mr. Moore engaged in a sexual encounter with her. “I stand by my story,” said Ms. Corfman, whose account first appeared in The Washington Post. Mr. Moore has denied any impropriety with Ms. Corfman or any other woman.

Moore, a former assistant district attorney, did not like hanging out with other legal professionals. Instead, Moore would hang out at the local mall and YMCA. It's been reported that Moore would attempt to meet underage girls at these locations. His presence became so noxious that he was reportedly banned from entering these establishments.

Mr. Moore was rarely seen in the places where lawyers would routinely gather to swap gossip, said James Sledge, a former federal judge who was a lawyer at the time. Few remember him out and about socially. He is, however, remembered as a common presence at the Y.M.C.A. and the Gadsden Mall.

Moore is remembered as the 'creepy old guy' who harassed young girls at the mall.

[People in Gasden, Alabama] recalled Mr. Moore working out at the Y.M.C.A. gym, often shirtless. Delores Abney, 63, said she recalled Mr. Moore talking to women that “appeared to be high school on up” in an exercise class she was enrolled in. “It just did not look appropriate.” Janet Reeves, 57, a former employee of a photo kiosk and an Orange Julius at the mall, talked of Mr. Moore asking a friend of hers, who she recalled was 17 or 18, for her phone number. “I just thought he was the creepy old guy,” she said.