Even Though It Wasn’t Released Yet, Trump Claims Mueller Report Exonerates Him

The president admitted he doesn't know what will be in Mueller's final report, despite also saying it exonerates him.

Appearing on Face the Nation Sunday morning, President Trump spoke on the alleged crimes of his longtime friend Roger Stone. In an attempt to undermine the validity of Margaret Brennan’s questions on the morning program, Trump continuously asserted that Stone had never worked for the presidential campaign, “except way-way at the beginning, long before [when] we’re talking about.”

The president also labeled the Mueller investigation, as he has often done before, as a “witch hunt.” He was also quick to reassert that he has been one of the toughest presidents in terms of Russian sanctions. Rather than answering questions regarding the investigation and Roger Stone, the president instead framed the investigation as a means of examining him rather than other topics and individuals, such as “Hillary’s emails.”

Oddly, the president also admitted — after previously having said, “Even the Mueller report said it had nothing to do with the campaign" — that he does not know what will be in the special counsel's final report.