Evangelicals Demand Kevin McCarthy Apologize To Iowa’s Steve King

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Dozens of evangelical leaders have signed a petition demanding that Rep. Kevin McCarthy apologize to Rep. Steve King.

Dozens of evangelical leaders have come out in support of Iowa Rep. Steve King after the Republican lawmaker was reprimanded for an overtly racist statement he gave to The New York Times earlier this month.

According to Right Wing Watch, numerous individuals on the religious right have defended King by signing a petition addressed to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy demanding an apology, as well as King’s reinstatement on the committees from which he was removed.

During his interview with The Times, King was quoted as wondering when terms like “white supremacy”, “white nationalism”, and “Western civilization” became offensive.

Amid this controversy, Religious Right leaders are voicing their support for King, thanks to an effort organized by radical right-wing activist Janet Porter. King is a close ally of Porter’s and even introduced a federal version of her “Heartbeat Bill” in Congress in 2017 that aimed to outlaw abortion, in Porter’s words, “before the mother even knows she’s pregnant.”

Porter is currently gathering signatures for a letter in support of King that will be sent to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, urging him to issue an apology to King and reinstate his committee assignments. King and right-wing activist Ed Martin, one of the signers, slammed McCarthy earlier this week for not defending King.

Those who have already added their signatures include James Dobson, Tom DeLay, Rick Scarborough, Matt Barber, Sandy Rios, Stephen Strang, and Frank Gaffney, among dozens of others.

See the full petition and signers here.

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Well isn't that a nice little list of bigoted racists.