Evangelical Pastor To Christians: ‘You Are Not Obligated’ To Vote For Trump


"As an American evangelical Christian, in my view, you are not obligated to vote for Donald J. Trump in 2020."

An evangelical minister with two master’s degrees in biblical studies and theology and a PhD in New Testament exegesis who has lectured on the New Testament for more than 30 years and on five continents has an important message for his fellow evangelical Christians: Voting for President Trump is not mandatory.

“I’m here to tell you that as an American evangelical Christian, in my view, you are not obligated to vote for Donald J. Trump in 2020,” Jon says in a video for Republican Voters Against Trump, after noting that he has been a “dependable Republican since 1980” when he voted for Ronald Reagan.

Jon presents a case against voting for Trump that is rational and does not require Christians to feel they are violating their religious beliefs. He acknowledges that for many Christians, “abortion is the final test” in choosing which candidate will receive their vote.

He notes that while many Christians seem to believe that a vote for a Democrat equals a vote for abortion — which they view as the murder of unborn children — abortion rates have been on the decline in the U.S. for decades.

“The most recent count shows that the rate is now lower than in 1972, the year before Roe v Wade made abortion legal in the entire U.S.,” Jon states, adding that this decline has occurred regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican occupied the Oval Office.

“It’s clear that winning elections has not been crucial to progress in reducing abortion in this country,” he continues. “So we have every reason to think that electing another Democrat, if only for one term, will not mean killing more of the unborn.”

As for Trump, Jon lays out the case for why the current president must be defeated:

“By now, we know that Trump lacks the character to govern. He will say and do anything to serve himself and to punish his enemies. Trump lacks the competency to govern. He can’t organize the power of government to carry out any task.”

His conclusion?

“The best way to stop Trump is to vote for the only candidate other than Trump who can win the election,” Jon says, before closing with a quote from Martin Luther.

“‘To go against conscience is neither right nor safe.’ If your conscience is telling you that you shouldn’t vote for Trump,” he says, “listen to your conscience.”



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