Ernst: I’m Confident Trump Won’t Solicit Foreign Election Interference Again


Sen. Joni Ernst claims Trump has learned his lesson about soliciting foreign interference in elections.

Sen. Joni Ernst said on Sunday she is confident that President Donald Trump will not solicit foreign interference in another U.S. election if he’s acquitted as expected in the Senate impeachment trial, according to Politico

“I think that he knows that, if he is trying to do certain things, whether it’s ferreting out corruption there, in Afghanistan, whatever it is, he needs to go through the proper channels,” the Republican from Iowa said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

She added that the president should have gone to the Justice Department and other international organizations for help to root out corruption in Ukraine, but instead “chose to go a different route.”

Ernst intends to vote for Trump’s acquittal. 

“Whether you like what the president has done or not, we can argue this up one side and down the other all day,” she said. “Does it come to the point of removing a president from office? I don’t believe this does.”

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