Erik Prince’s New Mercenary Firm Has Set Up Shop In Iraq

Screengrab / CNBC Television / Youtube

Prince, founder of security firm FSG, has never mentioned that his latest business has offices in Iraq.

According to Buzzfeed News, a logistics and security firm based in Hong Kong and founded by Erik Prince is operating in southern Iraq.

Prince, brother of the American Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, is infamous for the last private mercenary organization that he created, Blackwater. The company was banned from operating in Iraq after its contractors openly slaughtered unarmed civilians in the country’s capital of Baghdad.

Prince received Chinese investment for the Hong Kong-based Frontier Services Group (FSG), a logistics firm he founded in 2014. It has developed from participating in projects based in Africa to becoming a part of China’s One Belt, One Road program, a government-backed global infrastructure initiative, in which FSG provides security and logistics services. But according to The Washington Post, FSG’s operations in China could include helping the government build Muslim concentration camps in Xinjiang.

But a Dubai-based subsidiary of FSG known as Frontier Logistics Consultancy DMCC, according to a February 2018 document recently obtained by Buzzfeed News, “registered as a foreign company with Iraq’s Ministry of Trade.” The subsidiary’s office operates primarily out of Basra, an oil-rich part of southern Iraq.

Illinois Democrat and outspoken critic of Erik Prince, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, called the recent revelations “troubling.”

“This should sound alarm bells for the Iraqi government, who expelled Blackwater from Iraq for deadly behavior,” she said.

FSG has not publicized its business dealings in Iraq. The most recent annual report from FSG stated that it had opened new offices in the Middle East in 2018, but failed to provide details on which specific countries.

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