Erik Prince Claims Protesters Are Being Given Burner Phones And Paid In Bitcoin

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Prince suggests the government needs to track down the source of funding “for the rioters.”

According to Fox News Radio, former US Navy SEAL officer Erik Prince spoke with Brian Kilmeade about “the need for the federal government to track down the source of funding for the rioters.”

  • Prince claimed that “some of the rioters are being given burner phones and paid in Bitcoin,” Fox News Radio reported.
  • Prince, who is an Advisory Board Member of the nonprofit group We Build The Wall, “addressed the arrest of Steve Bannon and others who have been charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering.”
  • Fox News Radio wrote that Prince “said he never participated in any board meetings, oversight or fundraising appeals but says he did visit a site in El Paso, Texas, where a wall was built in an area where there was none before. Prince stated that if he saw something unsavory, he would have done something about it.”
  • He also “announced he is officially bringing back the private military company Blackwater USA,” the report stated.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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He is the brother of Betsy DeVos. He made millions off of military contracts during the Iraq War. Blackwater was found guilty of many war crimes during its time in Iraq. The Bush II administration spent the money for these paid soldiers, so it could avoid drafting soldiers into this unpopular and probably illegal war. Obama should have prosecuted all the war criminals, including Bush and Cheney.


Bringing back Blackwater USA? Just in time to try a paramilitary coup.
You're in for a surprise.

Robert Heckler
Robert Heckler


If Prince is involved, we know it is dirty business. I wonder why he is not in prison.


So because dude is a trained murderer he somehow knows about riots? Sure, the ones he starts to make money, maybe. Screw this guy. He knows nothing about decency and honor. He's a fraud and a killer.

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