Eric Trump: The Supreme Court Better Step-In To Help ‘Diamond And Silk’

Screengrab / Diamond & Silk / Youtube


Conservative personalities Diamond & Silk are "two of the nicest human beings in the world," Eric Trump said.

The Daily Beast reports that Eric Trump has suggested that the U.S. Supreme Court involve itself with the alleged censorship of Diamond & Silk, two Fox News Personalities.

“Honestly, it’s a disgrace,” Trump said.

The day before, Eric Trump was on Fox & Friends claiming there “is collusion” with respect to the censorship of conservatives in social media.

“If they’re conservative, if they’re Republicans, if they’re in a certain group, there is discrimination, and big discrimination,” the president said on Tuesday, following tweets that alleged a campaign against him by social media companies. “I see it absolutely on Twitter and Facebook, which I have also and others. We have to do something about it.”

On Fox, Eric said, “Don’t tell me there is no bias. Diamond & Silk, two of the nicest human beings in the world, are getting kicked off YouTube on a daily basis. They post funny but yet benign videos. You want to see some of the hate speech I get toward me, they do absolutely nothing about those individuals? It only goes one way. If you’re on the left, you’re totally protected. If you’re on the right, they absolutely try and kill you.”

Last year, many news outlets said that the claims of social media censorship by Diamond & Silk were a hoax. The latest video by the personalities was posted to YouTube only 12 hours ago.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade said, “Your brother was here saying same thing three weeks ago because he was being censored.”

“I would love to see it go to the Supreme Court, to tell you the truth,” Eric Trump said. “The irony of the whole situation, you have everybody in the media, everybody on The Washington Post and The New York Times, they stand behind free speech whatever they want to do. As tragic as it often is, whatever they want to do. Yet when conservatives are out there getting censored by big tech, they say absolutely nothing about it.”


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