Eric Trump: President Obama Sabotaged American Health Care

Screengrab / Twitter

Eric Trump claims that Obama ruined healthcare, when the data show the exact opposite.

On Monday, Eric Trump tweeted that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden “destroyed” the American healthcare system through the Affordable Care Act.

“Obamacare was one of the worst thing to happen to healthcare in our country’s history!” Eric Trump wrote.

But while the current president’s son gives one story about Obamacare, the data overwhelmingly paint a different picture: the Affordable Care Act saved the lives of countless Americans.

According to a Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Health Alliance study, “lack of health insurance causes 44,789 excess deaths annually” after controlling for variables such as education, income, obesity, and drug use. And from 2010 to 2018, Obamacare helped as many as 20.1 million Americans who previously lacked coverage get healthcare.

Under Eric Trump’s father, however, the picture is much different. Ever since President Trump took office, 7 million more Americans lacked health insurance than previously, according to a Gallup study released in January. Since 2016, the number of uninsured Americans has steadily increased from 10.9 percent to a four-year high of 13.7 percent. And as Republicans scramble to make long-term health care plans before 2020, it’s important to see how they’ve led us backwards, not forwards, over the past few years.

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