Eric Trump: My Father Is 'Protecting The Free World Against Lunacy'

Eric Trump(image credit: Youtube / CBS News)

Eric Trump told Fox host Maria Bartiromo that his father is protecting the world from 'lunacy'.

In an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, Eric Trump claimed that his father is protecting the world from 'lunacy'.

Trump told Bartiromo that his father (the President of the United States) and Sec. of Defense James Mattis were 'deadly serious' about protecting the United States from North Korean aggression.

"I think having three or four aircraft carriers parked right off the [Korean][ peninsula really shows the might of a nation. And it also makes it very, very clear that we’re not playing. You know, my father’s not playing. Mattis, believe me, you know, these aren’t people who play games. They’re deadly serious about protecting this nation and protecting the free world against lunacy.”