Eric Trump Falsely Claims His Father Achieved Middle East Peace, Ended Wars

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“Peace in the Middle East. Never-ending wars were finally ended."

President Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, was part of the lineup at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, where he falsely claimed that his father achieved peace in the Middle East and ended America’s wars.

  • The Independent reported that the younger Trump boasted of his father’s focus on the military, saying, “My father rebuilt the mighty American military – added new jets, aircraft carriers. He increased wages for our incredible men and women in uniform, and expanded the military defense budget to $721 billion per year.”
  • “America was no longer weak in the eye of the enemy,” he continued, adding: “Peace in the Middle East. Never-ending wars were finally ended. Promises made, and promises, for the first time, were kept.”
  • However, as The Independent noted, “Despite those claims, the US still has troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, where attacks carried out by the Islamic State have once again surged.”
  • CNN reported Daniel Dale also noted in a tweet that Eric Trump’s claim about Middle East peace was “too broad,” writing: “Trump did help broker the Israel-UAE deal, but, uh, that claim is a lil too broad.”

  • Likewise, Justin Baragona, a contributing editor at The Daily Beast, mentioned MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s fact check of Eric Trump’s comments, quoting her in a tweet: "Peace in the Middle East has not broken out... There are no wars that Trump has ended... it appears that President Trump has increased the number of U.S. military personnel serving abroad."

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