Eric Trump: Can You Imagine If I Profited Off My Father's Presidency?


Americans don't have to imagine the Trumps profiting off of Donald Trump's presidency. It's a reality.

Speaking with Fox News host Lou Dobbs this week, President Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, said there is a double standard when it comes to his family or the Bidens profiting from the executive office.

“Can you imagine if I took three cents from the Ukraine or four cents from China?” Trump rhetorically asked Dobbs. “I mean, it’s unbelievable.”

“I have a feeling it would be quite a different reaction on the part of the national leftist media,” the Fox host responded.

Trump chimed in: “A slight double standard, to say the least.”

The pair were discussing former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, as Dobbs introduced the segment with claims that the younger Biden profited off of his father’s role in the White House both in Ukraine and China.

But even if one buys into the notion that the Bidens engaged in corruption regarding Ukraine, this in no way would make right the fact that the Trumps clearly have used the office of president in an attempt to further their brand, promote their properties and earn some cash.

Donald Trump Jr., who together with his brother runs the Trump Organization while their father is in office, also insisted last month that his family is in no way profiting from the presidency.

In fact, he argued that his father being president is costing the family money-making opportunities, because they have halted foreign investments during Donald Trump’s tenure.

Trump Jr.’s statement is debatable at best, as there is documented evidence that the Trump Organization has engaged in foreign transactions during the Trump presidency, as well as pursued other transactions that raise flags — those are documented here by Forbes magazine.

Further, certain Trump properties have seen an uptick in patronage by those who appear eager to curry favor with the president — such as entities tied to the Republican Party and foreign officials — along with members of Trump’s own administration.

From Attorney General Bill Barr’s planned holiday shindig at Trump’s Washington, D.C., hotel to Vice President Mike Pence’s stay at the president’s hotel in Ireland.

Trump himself has golfed exclusively at his own courses throughout his presidency, sending millions in taxpayer dollars to his properties by way of Secret Service charges and other expenses.

To say that the Trump family is not profiting from the Trump presidency is laughable, regardless of whether the Bidens attempted to do the same.

But the truth is that Joe and Hunter Biden’s Ukraine situation appears to be, as Eric Trump might put it, a “nothing burger.” No evidence to date supports the notion that corruption was at play in their Ukraine dealings.

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