Eric Trump Attacks Hunter Biden For Profiting From His Family Name


Eric Trump tells Sean Hannity that if he were profiting from his father’s position, “the media’s heads would explode”.

While speaking with Fox News Host Sean Hannity, Eric Trump attacked Hunter Biden and suggested that he had profited from his family name, according to Media Matters

Hannity prompted Trump by creating a hypothetical in which Eric Trump was Hunter Biden and Donald Trump was Joe Biden and referred to the public as “the mob”. 

“As vice president, Donald Trump [Joe Biden] said, you need to fire this guy in six hours, the one that’s investigating you, Eric Trump [Hunter Biden],” Hannity presented. “Or you’re not getting the billion dollars...If this was your father, how would the mob and the media be acting tonight?”

“If I took a billion and a half dollars from China, or if I took $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian oil company, people’s heads would explode,” Trump responded. “The media’s heads would explode. The Democrats’ heads would explode.”

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