Empty USPS Trucks Are Driving Across Country Without Mail

Screengrab / USPS TV / YouTube


According to reports, 53-foot long trucks used by the USPS are making cross-country trips with no mail.

Newsweek reports that U.S. Postal Service trucks have been making cross-country trips without carrying mail, merely driving across the U.S. empty.

A report by NewsChannel 5 Investigates of Nashville, Tennessee found that on August 21, a USPS truck left Nashville for Illinois 14 minutes before its scheduled departure without any mail on it.

The same day, another truck left for Memphis 10 minutes early with no mail as well as another empty truck that departed for Bowling Green, Kentucky four minutes early.

The empty trucks may have resulted from a cost-cutting measure by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

After a June USPS inspector general report found that "delays in mail processing and inadequate dock staffing resulted in five million late trips last year, costing the agency $410 million," Postmaster General Louis DeJoy “began requiring postal trucks to leave sorting facilities by specific times, even if they're empty, in order to reduce worker overtime and extra travel by the trucks,” Newsweek reported.

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