Embarrassing: Read These Incredibly Servile Letters From Trump To Vladimir Putin


In one letter, dated 2007, Donald Trump tells Vladimir Putin, "I am a big fan of yours!"

Daily Beast columnist and Russian media analyst Julia Davis posted to Twitter copies of three letters from Donald Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin over the years.

In one, which congratulates Putin on being named Time magazine's 'Man of the Year', Trump tells the Russian president, "I am a big fan of yours!"

Read the letters below.

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Israel and AIPAC command most of Congress to come and kneel before them at annual AIPAC conventions. Do we give Billion$ of our borrowed dollars to Russia every year? No. We give Billion$ to Israel every year, and have fought war after bloody war in the Middle East for them. This is the 800 lb gorilla of foreign interference in the room.

Will it ever be honestly addressed in Establishment Media?

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