Emails Show That DHS Official Suggested ‘ANTIFA’, Not Nazis, Are The Real Threat

Screengrab / CBL Women / Youtube

Gorka blocked a group working to fight white nationalism from receiving a $400k grant from the DHS.

In 2017, a senior Trump official at the Department of Homeland Security suggested that the most imminent threat to the U.S. wasn't fascist organizations, but anti-fascist ones, Talking Points Memo reports. The Huffington Post on Friday reported on an email sent by DHS senior policy adviser Katharine Gorka in July 2017 In the email, she defended her successful effort to prevent Life After Hate, a group created by former extremists that helps steer people away from the white nationalist movement, from receiving a $400,000 grant.

Then-Secretary of Homeland Security John kelly asked Gorka for alternative "counter-hate groups" the department could support, to which she replied, “It would also be important to get the data on the actual threats right now because my understanding is that the far-left groups (Antifa, or anti-fascist) are currently on the rise.”

Further emails obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests revealed that Gorka asked the DHS to cancel the Life After Hate grant because its founder once wrote "fuck you, asshole" to President Trump in a tweet. She argued that the tweet showed "vulgarity and lack of professional maturity".

The emails also showed that Gorka had attempted to find sufficient "material" to stop a grant for the Muslim Public Affairs Committee. She justified her actions by saying that some people view them as "terrorist sympathizers," writes Talking Points Memo.

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