Elizabeth Warren: The U.S. Is Experiencing A ‘Descent Into Authoritarianism'

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren said recent events within the DOJ show that the U.S. is sliding toward authoritarianism.

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said on Wednesday that the United States is witnessing a “descent into authoritarianism,” according to The Hill, as she simultaneously called for the resignation of President Donald Trump’s attorney general.

Speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the Massachusetts senator said she understands the media’s desire to discuss the Democratic primaries, but “the thing that is really getting to me right now is what’s going on over at the Justice Department."

“The whole notion that we have people in our Justice Department resigning because of Donald Trump’s inappropriate influence, and the attorney general overturning a sentencing of Donald Trump’s cronies, right in front of our eyes we are watching a descent into authoritarianism,” Warren said.

The senator then called on Attorney General William Barr to resign “or face impeachment.”

Warren added that the present moment in U.S. politics seems like a time when “everybody should be speaking up,” including presidential candidates and Americans across the country.

Grabbing onto Warren’s comment about Barr’s potential impeachment, Cooper asked if it would be politically wise to pursue such a move right after the GOP-controlled Senate acquitted Trump.

“No doubt there’s political considerations, but what are the political considerations of sitting on your hands?" Warren asked. “You started this with talking about how democracy dies, that it doesn't just die in darkness it dies on television with nobody doing anything. Enough of this. We can't just sit by and watch this happen.”

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