Editorial: “I'd Trust Jeffery Dahmer With A Scalpel Before I'd Trust” Trump

Joseph Girth of the Louisville Courier Journal wrote that Trump is far more dishonest than any American politician ever.

In an editorial for Kentucky newspaper the Courier Journal, Joseph Gerth referenced an article by The Washington Post documenting the over 10,000 instance in which President Donald Trump made “false or misleading claims.”

Gerth wrote, “They won’t call them lies. I will.”

“He tells lies about immigration,” he continued. “He tells lies about trade. He tells lies about Stormy Daniels, and he tells lies about the Mueller investigation. He tells lies about his taxes. He tells lies about your taxes.”

Gerth continued to respond to a recent opinion piece, also published in the Courier Journal, titled “Democrats lie like the devil, and the media lets them get away with it.” The author of that article, Gerth said, “went back 21 years to document six false or misleading claims—or perhaps lies—by Democrats, to convince you they are just as dishonest as Trump. They aren’t.”

“Don’t get me wrong. Democrats don’t always tell the truth,” Gerth wrote. “They are politicians, and some politicians will say anything to get elected or reelected.”

But comparing any deception from any politician irrespective of political party to that which “Trump has normalized since he was sworn in is simply laughable.”

“Richard Nixon, the Republican president who was run out of office for covering up the Watergate break-in, was not as dishonest as Trump. Not even close.

“I'd trust Jeffery Dahmer with a scalpel before I'd trust the perjurer-in-chief.”

In both 2015 and 2017, he wrote, Trump was awarded the “Lie of the Year” title by fact-checking nonprofit project PolitiFact. In the former instance, he won because of the huge number of misleading statements that he espouses. According to PolitiFact, 76 percent of statements that the organization checked that year ranged from “mostly false” to “pants on fire.”

And, in 2017, he won the award for calling Russian interference in the 2016 election a “made-up story.”

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