Echoing His Calls From The Iraq-Era, Bolton Says Iran Is Seeking Nuclear Weapons

Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton claimed Iran is seeking to create nuclear weapons.

John Bolton, President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor, said on Wednesday that the only reason Iran seeks to terminate its participation in the nuclear deal (which Trump cancelled) is to develop nuclear weapons. Iran has stated that it intends to leave the nuclear agreement that the United States unilaterally left in 2018.

"There's no reason for [Iran] to do (higher enrichment) unless it is to reduce the breakout time to nuclear weapons," Bolton told journalists in Abu Dhabi.

In recent weeks, the U.S. has escalated its presence in the Middle East in response to attacks allegedly carried out by Iran, according to NBC News.

Without evidence, Bolton accused Iran of sabotaging four oil tankers near the United Arab Emirate’s coast. In addition, Bolton accused Iranian-linked rebels of attacking the Saudi oil port of Yanbu.

The United States withdrew from the Iran-Nuclear deal after the President said it didn’t effectively limit Iran’s nuclear program or address its ballistic missile program.

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Bolton is a liar.