Duncan Hunter Used Campaign Cash To Attend His Daughter's Dance Recital


A new set of allegations against Rep. Hunter claim that he was too cheap to pay for his daughter’s dance competition.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) allegedly misappropriated campaign funds in order to attend his daughter’s Irish dance competition; he claimed he couldn’t afford it otherwise, according to Raw Story.

In prosecutors’ latest filings against Hunter, the information came from Joseph Browning, a field representative on Hunter’s congressional staff who told a grand jury that Hunter used campaign funds despite knowing that it was wrong. 

“Hunter traveled to Phoenix in January 2016 for his daughter’s Irish dance competition and visited Browning to ‘take a look at (his) retirement place’ -- but did not discuss any campaign business,” the filing states. “At the time of the trip, Hunter reported to his chief of staff that he timed the trip so that he could hold a campaign ‘meeting with a (charity event) coordinator’ in Arizona.”

He reportedly spent “at least” $632” in campaign funds to cover his trip.

The prosecutors also allege that he used his campaign funds to buy a new camera for his family’s vacation, then listed the expense as for “ink, paper and software” for his office. 

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