Duncan Hunter: My Current Legal Issues Are The Result Of The 'Liberal Agenda'

Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has blamed a 'liberal agenda' for using his campaign funds for personal expenses.

In early 2017, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) blamed the a 'liberal agenda' for reporting on his campaign spending. Currently, Duncan Hunter is facing the strong likelihood of a federal criminal indictment.

In a speech right now, the President-elect is ripping the news media, calling them the “most dishonest people in the world.” That certainly goes for our once beloved The San Diego Union-Tribune and its clear bias in support of the liberal agenda. This is the same paper that endorsed Hillary Clinton and urged rejection of Prop C. And now it seems the UT is on a regular crusade against me–but like the President-elect says, who cares…it doesn’t matter. They deserve to know how irrelevant they’re becoming and how they’re viewed. Not only do I like what the President-elect is saying, I like even more how folks are responding.

Using campaign money, Duncan Hunter spent the following (Via San Diego Tribune)

  1. $6,142 to Costco
  2. $6,081 to United Airlines ($600 of his campaign funds in “cabin rabbit transport fees”)
  3. $4,223 to Albertsons
  4. $2,892 to the Arizona Grand Resort
    $2,867 to Chevron
  5. $2,617 to Walmart
  6. $1,400 to dentist Jeff Gray
  7. $434 to Dick’s Sporting Goods
  8. $206 to activewear retailer North Face
  9. $135 to clothing store H&M
  10. $111 to Nail Spa Plus
  11. $217 at a jewelry store in Italy
  12. $229 at a Disneyland gift shop
  13. $1,400 to the Cardiff-by-the-Sea restaurant that delivers lunches to the El Cajon private school attended by Hunter’s children.
  14. $44 spent at the Hotel Del Coronado Toy Castle, $961 spent at SeaWorld and $1,084 at the Grove Hotel in downtown Boise, Idaho.
  15. $297 Jack in the Box
  16. $361 spent at a Coronado surf and skate shop
  17. $811 paid to an oral and facial surgeon
  18. $1,200 paid to a garage door company.
  19. $2,000 Hunter’s campaign spent on restaurants, hotels and train travel in the Italian cities of Rome, Florence and Positano during Thanksgiving week in 2015.
  20. $1,302 of Steam Games expenses on his campaign finance disclosure for 2015 year-end, with the notation “personal expense — to be paid back.” (via San Diego Tribune)

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Typical GOP asshole!!!!! Blame everyone else but himself.