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ABC7 reports that police have released video of an incident that took place in Riverside, California on June 1.

  • The video shows a man with his car apparently parked in the middle of an area with protestors.
  • The man steps out of the vehicle and appears to light a firework.
  • An unidentified demonstrator then grabs the firework and throws it back into the car. The driver and unidentified demonstrator flee, and a woman in the passenger seat flees the vehicle as well. Someone in the backseat of the car appears to struggle to exit the vehicle and does not end up opening the door.
  • The firework then explodes inside the vehicle. It continues to give off smoke from the inside, and an apparent malfunction causes it to list backwards without a driver. The video concludes at that point.

Police identified the driver as Gabriel Castillo and have arrested him for “illegal fireworks violation and probation violations,” according to a report released by the Riverside Police Department.

  • Police have not yet identified the man who threw the firework into the car.
  • The police report explains that from investigating, police learned that “A group of onlookers and the suspect driver… assaulted this unknown person” at some point after the video’s conclusion.

Watch the video. Viewer discretion is advised, as it portrays the moment of the firework’s explosion.

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