Draining The Swamp? Trump Has More Ex-Lobbyists In His WH Than Obama Or Bush

Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times/CC BY 2.0/Flickr


Donald Trump has hired more ex-lobbyists for Cabinet posts in three years than Barack Obama or George Bush did in eight.

President Donald Trump promised he would “drain the swamp” if Americans sent him to the White House, but once he arrived, Trump promptly began filling Cabinet positions with the very individuals he vowed to boot.

And according to The Associated Press, Trump is filling the swamp at a rate unmatched by his predecessors, adding more former lobbyists to his Cabinet in three years than Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush did in eight.

The AP listed several ex-lobbyists holding Cabinet-level positions within the Trump administration, including Defense Secretary Mark Esper; Interior Secretary David Bernhardt; and acting Labor secretary, Pat Pizzella, as well Trump’s pick to replace him, Eugene Scalia.

Former lobbyists also head the Defense and Interior departments, Environmental Protection Agency, and office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

A total of seven former lobbyists hold or have held Cabinet-level positions under Trump.

By comparison, the AP noted, Obama took on five former lobbyists during his eight years in office, and Bush brought just three into the fold during his two terms.

Despite Trump’s recent rant against “the unholy alliance of lobbyists and donors and special interests,” all three categories are doing well under his administration.

The AP reported that the “amount spent in 2019 on lobbying the U.S. government is on pace to match or exceed last year’s total of $3.4 billion, the most since 2010.”

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